Math past, present and future

Math has never been one of my strongest subjects in school, period. For some people in my classes the numbers just seemed to always jump off the page and they could always find the solution quickly. Me, well, that’s a different story. It’s always difficult for me to grasp the concept of whatever I am learning as I am taking notes. Heck, sometimes even when I am doing my homework I have no clue what I am doing. However, no adays I’ve learned to become more disciplined. Whether it means going to weekly math help sessions or meeting with a tutor. I think the only way one can be successful is if you put in the time and effort and don’t take short cuts.
Now, I may not have the best grade in this class but for some reason, I feel like more of the concepts are beginning to click. For the first time, I find myself excited to sit down and start to do a problem. I like the challenge of knowing that a problem for evaluating a limit using direct substitution only has one solution. I LOVE DIRECT SUBSTITUION!! There is no gray area, no theorem you have to explain, but just simply find the answer. There’s nothing better than getting down to the last step of the problem, plugging in the value for x and getting the correct answer! Plus, I think that it’s nice to have a teacher that is a grad student because then I think its less intimidating to ask a question because they were in our shoes not that long ago.

I like taking a new concept that I’ve learned for evaluating a limit and applying it. Limits have a lot to do with all of chapter 2. So I feel like once you’ve learned the initial concept you’re set because it never goes away, it’ll come back later in the chapter. Often times, it’s difficult for me to retain information if it just all of a sudden goes away after a test or quiz. So, it’s been interesting to see how limits and derivatives have contined to play a role in daily notes. I am excited and interested to learn the more complex concept because I feel as though I already have a grasp of what was originally taught. For example, today in class we started learning Chapter 3 and derivatives came up once again. I am also interested to see how complex and complicated a limit or derivative could get. I feel like once we’ve learned how to do it one way, that that’s the only thing that you could do with a limit or derivative. But in reality, it’s just a small piece of the puzzle, so im curious to see how many pieces of the puzzle there are because we learn all the complex concepts of limits and derivatives.


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